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Crafting + Coffee

Roots Cafe will be open from 6:30-8:30pm this Thursday, May 23rd. If you’ve got a portable hobby (such as embroidery, knitting, scrapbooking, whittling, fly-tying, researching your family tree), come get crafty with us! We’ll have coffee and treats there, and are excited for a night of connection and laughter! We promise we’re laughing WITH you as you craft, and not AT your craft.

Journaling Workshop.png

Journaling Workshop

Doodlers, note-takers, and office-supply addicts of all ages! Put June 9th’s journaling workshop in Roots Cafe on your calendar! Doesn’t matter if you’re five or fifty - you’re welcome to be a part. Irene will be hosting, as well as giving some tips on a method of note-taking called bullet journaling. There will be a selection of pens, markers, and washi tape for you to try - all you need to bring is your journal of choice, and a packed lunch. Make sure to sign up at the Hub!


Father’s Day Mancakes

Bacon? Pancakes? FREE?! If you’re a dad, and you love bacon, and will tolerate a pancake, come early to Roots Cafe on Father’s Day! We’ll be whipping up some delicious Mancakes in honor of all of our dads. Everyone else will have to pay for a pancake, but dads eat free! The cafe will be open at 9am.

Family Night.png

Family Game Night

Roots cafe will be open on Friday June 21 from 7-9pm for Family Game Night. Bring your favorite game, a friend, and a few dollars for a coffee or dessert from the cafe!