What to expect:

Feel free to visit the Creation Festivals website http://creationfest.com/ne/ and check out events, performing artists, and family fun.  

If you've never attended Creation Festival or would like a better grasp on how to prepare for a successful trip, check out the "Creation Festival Survival Guide"http://www.creationfest.com/ne/downloads/docs/youth_leader_survival_guide.pdf  Although it was written for leaders, it gives great insight on what you may need / experience while camping at Creation.  

So, you like what you see:  

And you are interested in volunteering at Creation with your friends at Life Church.  Below is a step by step process on how to sign up and be part of the Staff Tent team.

Start your volunteering experience here:  http://creationfest.com/ne/get-involved/volunteer/

1.  Read information and FAQs

2.  Watch video

3.  Print out and complete a release form under "forms" tab

4.  Sign up to volunteer by clicking on the Full Time Volunteer button in the "Ready to Volunteer" section.  There is a $20 fee at the end of this application process.

   a.  Complete the Personal information fields.  

   b.  Complete Volunteer Role and Availability

        - If you would like to come up Saturday or Sunday before the festival to help set up, please indicate this under the "Set-Up" drop down menu.  This is not mandatory, but Agape Farm is a beautiful place before the fest guests arrive.

        - Company/Group - Life Church - Shawn Bentley


  c.  Volunteer Shift Schedules - Select Green, Blue, and Red


 d.  Volunteer Job Selection - Select 3 "Flex Crew"  "Prayer Ministry"  and "Retail".  These have nothing to do with the job you are applying for.  They will be the choices that will throw off our volunteer coordinator the least.


 e.  Past Experience: Past Volunteer.  Select "No"... unless you actually did volunteer in the past.  Then you will be in the system already.  :)

f.  Staff T-Shirts:  T-shirt size.  The shirts will shrink a little and run pretty true to size for girls.

g.  Volunteer Creed:  Read and select "I agree".

h.  Additional Comments:  ***VERY IMPORTANT***  Please write the following in the box:  "As a member of Life Church Hershey, I would love to work at the staff tent with Shawn Bentley and Irene Nesterenko.  Also, Kevin Rue is the best (and I will bring him Peanut M&M's)."  Of course gifts are optional.  LOL


 i.  Click on the blue "Submit Creation Northeast FULL-TIME Volunteer Application" button and continue on to submit the $20 application fee.  

Questions you may have:

1.  When do the gates open for volunteers on Monday?  Gates will open between 12 and 2pm on Monday, June 27.  Please pack a lunch, water and snacks as the line to get in can be congested.  

2.  I want Life Church volunteers to camp in the same area.  How do we ensure we do?  Be in line together at the gates.  You basically are filed in like a parking lot.  The person behind you will most likely camp beside you.

3.  Where do I park my car?  You park it at your campsite.  One car per site.

4.  I hear there are cold showers.  Can I buy hot shower passes?  Yes, when you sign in at the Staff Tent, you may purchase one for $20.  

5.  Do I need to bring anything to the Staff Tent when I register?  Yes, a photo ID and your completed release form.  If you are under the age of 18, you must have a guardian with you as well.


If you have any other questions about Creation Festival, please feel free to call Kristal at 609.798.0756